What is Mighty Brace?

Created by an orthodontist for orthodontists, Mighty Brace is an engaging and effective way to teach patients proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary guidelines. Gameplay and direct messaging features foster patient community, bolster learning and provide doctors with a simple way to monitor, encourage and document compliance.

  • Interactive Learning »

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    Mighty Brace guides patients through a fun, interactive lesson on proper oral hygiene and diet while they’re wearing braces.

  • Enticing Gameplay »

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    Patients play the Mighty Brace Game to compete and earn certificates of achievement.

  • Communication Tools »

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    Doctors communicate with patients in ways never before possible through an easy-to-use web portal.

How Does Mighty Brace Help My Practice?

Mighty Brace's easy-to-use features will help you to better engage patients, improve compliance and optimize orthodontic outcomes.

  • Bolster Learning »

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    Kids retain information better when they can repeat what they’ve learned. Interactive and immersive, Mighty Brace allows patients to demonstrate understanding of proper oral hygiene and diet.

  • Encourage Compliance »

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    The Mighty Brace Game is a fun and rewarding way for patients to demonstrate what they’ve learned, making them more likely to adopt best practices at home.

  • Communicate Effectively »

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    In addition to communication, documentation and customizable reminders, Mighty Brace allows photographic supervision, where you can receive and respond to submitted photos of patients’ teeth.